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Private Theater Project - Oct 2014

Private Theater Project - Oct 2014

The client was looking to convert unused space in the basement to dedicated theater room.

We began with visiting the location and measuring the room and then we suggested a few solutions to choose from.

The owner wanted as many chairs as possible with the largest screen that can be used so we had the consider both wishes while designing the room.

The room décor transfer the space to elegant area and as always the 12 chairs provided by Fortress which is made in USA for and placed at correct height and distance for the perfect sound and picture.

The video comes from the SIM2 Nero Projector that project to 138” screen from Screen Research and Paradigm Classic Collection three LCR in-wall speakers placed behind the screen are driven by Anthem AV Receiver which also drive the 2 side and 2 rear in-wall surround speakers.

One subwoofer placed strategically to ensure smooth bass for all seating was installed while the hidden cabinet under the screen is custom made to hide all components.

The entire theater, including Lutron lighting is controlled by Bitwise BC1 by the iPad.

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Project Info

Category: Private Theater
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Completion Date: October 2014

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