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Private Theater Project - Dec 2014

Private Theater Project - Dec 2014

This client was looking for dedicated theater. After visiting a few local companies we were asked to make proposal not only movie viewing, but for watching sports, news and video gaming as well as comfortable chairs as AVC can handle everything from the audio/visual system to the acoustical treatment and furniture and after comparing our services and prices as well as the brands we carry we were selected to install the cinema.

We began the planning and design of this theater room prior to its completion and we worked with the contractor and interior designer following the client inputs to make sure we provide all his wish list in this room.

The client wanted a very rich feeling room and really loved the contrast between the red theater seating, wood and the grey wall fabric and carpet.

We managed to solve the entrance issue in the front to make sure the sound won’t be effect by the long hall.

We also made sure the seating which provided by Fortress that is custom made in USA for each customer are at the right level and distance will provide perfect view as well as comfort for both rows.

After working almost a year in this project, this custom built theater came to light with the latest technology.

The heart of the room is the Sony VPL-VW1100ES 4K 3D projector.

The front wall houses the 3 Paradigm speakers for LCR around Screen Research 137” MultiPix4K Grey 1.3 screen and all speakers driven by Anthem power amplifier.

The wooden cabinet under the screen is custom made to hide all components and center speaker.

The entire theater, including Lutron lighting is controlled by Bitwise BC1 by the iPad.

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Project Info

Category: Private Theater
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Completion Date: Decemper 2014

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