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Private Theater Project - Aug 2014

Private Theater Project - Aug 2014

The client was looking to convert regular sitting area in the basement to a dedicated theater, he wanted a company that can handle everything in the project so we provided our unique (Turn Key) service where we do everything including civil work and décor.

After visiting the location, we made several suggestion and the client approved one that was what he wanted.

We started with adding the new wall in the front to make this separate room instead of open area and then redesigned the HAVC system and added sound proof the room.

After adding the new elevation for the back seat we have covered the soundproof with wood and then added the decorative gypsum for the wall and the fiber optic light to the ceiling and painted the room with the final colors.

The result was stunning room with the right color mixture and design and the carpet with fabric on the wall improved the sound dramatically.

As always, the seating by Fortress that is custom made in USA for each customer are placed at correct height and distance for the perfect sound and picture.

the video comes from the SIM2 Super Lumis Projector that project to 2.35 THX certified screen from Screen Research and Paradigm Reference Collection three SA-LCR in-wall speakers placed behind the screen are driven by Anthem power amplifier which also drive the 2 side and 2 rear SA-ADP (Adapted Dipole) technology dedicated in-wall surround speakers.

Two RVC-12SQ subwoofer are placed in the room to delivers bass that will rock your world, not your walls.

The hidden cabinet under the screen is custom made to hide all components.

The entire theater, including Lutron lighting is controlled by Bitwise BC1 by the iPad.

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Project Info

Category: Private Theater
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Completion Date: August 2014

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